Spotify kind of life

With all that’s happened in the twenty-five years of my life and the afterlives before that, I am sometimes inclined to think that I am a protagonist in a severely underrated television show; something consistent with egotism and mild megalomania.

In a television show, the soundtrack is of utmost importance. I like music a lot, and I consider Spotify one of the most important achievements of the human race. I get to listen to the latest songs, download the latest album, check on a music recommendation by some of my hipster friends, then judge them secretly for being unnecessarily obscure.

Over the course of my love affair with Spotify (if you’re reading this Spotify please give me free premium codes) I’ve made some playlists, one for when I’m feeling excited to take over the world and one when I feel like wallowing in the misery of my existence.

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Woke up to this horrible news today

The Hollywood Reporter reports that American Idol alumni Michael Johns, 35, died from a blood clot from his ankle. Reports are still hazy on the details, but multiple sources have already confirmed his death.

Michael joined AI Season 7, and he was one of the best voices in the history of the competition, as far as my opinion is concerned. Here’s his audition video:

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It feels just like a dagger buried deep in your back


Tonight I write the saddest lines, because I missed The Killers concert. I’ve never felt a heartbreak as hurtful as this. I try to distance myself from all Killers-related posts because it makes me want to curl up into a ball and kill a cat. I love The Killers. I love the Battle Born album. I listen to them every day. I am really hurt.

The xx in Manila, obscure hipsters unite

I had the extreme luck of covering The xx concert at the NBC Tent in Bonifacio Global City last July 30, and not being a fan, I had to Google everything about them so I could produce a decent article about the British ‘atmospheric music’ group. Then I realized they’re pretty awesome and I am pathetic for not detecting them in my radar. Maybe I am too mainstream.

The xx are a pretty interesting bunch in the independent scene by virtue of their unique brand of music. There are a lot of really talented British bands in the independent music scene (The Wombats, Hold Fire, does Keane still count?) but more often than not they have a similar sound. But The xx is different. I’ve written about it in formal terms in the article I wrote but I guess the colloquial way of saying it is that they’re trippy- the kind of music you’d love to hear when you’re not sober.

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