We sell quilts at discount price, living in an Amish paradise

I have a list of things I’m genuinely fascinated about, and the Amish people are in there, along with zombies, honey badgers and gingers.

The Amish are immigrants from Switzerland who went to the United States in the 1600s during the schism in Christianity. They are known for their plain clothes, their religious convictions and their aversion to electricity and technology- they’re much like our grandparents. They also have their own language called Pennsylvania Deutsch, which when spoken sounds like a non-angry version of German. Here’s Weird Al Yankovic making fun of them:

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Swearing in Norwegian

Here’s a video of Bard and Vegard Ylvisaker, brothers behind the group Ylvis, seemingly swearing in Norwegian. The catch is Bard’s only allowed to use nice summery words, like LOTS OF HAPPY SMALL CHILDREN and A PICNIC BASKET WITH LOTS OF SANDWICH SPREAD.