Happy New Year everybody

There isn’t any yearend list this time. The year 2015 has been a pretty uneventful one, and if I were forced to pick a highlight it would be that week I had to go to the hospital at 7 a.m. for three days straight because the doctors in charge of my Australian visa thought I had tuberculosis. Didn’t get the visa, but also didn’t get tuberculosis. Fair enough. I’ll get it next time. The visa.

I think the fact 2015 has been relatively ok is already a triumph in itself, considering how insane the previous years were. I’ll take what I can.

Anyway, 2016 is upon is, (in less than an hour as of posting) and I wish that the new year treats us all well.

Photo by Christian Schnettelker

May we be humble enough to admit our mistakes because people with too much pride turn out to be lonely assholes.

May we tone down on our narcissism and accept wholeheartedly the fact that the world does not revolve around us and that it is possible to be happy for others without stealing their limelight.

May we become better friends who measure friendships in trust and not in the number of days we hang out and see each other.

May we be nice children to our aging parents and nice siblings to our equally confused brothers and sisters.

May we be nice to people who aren’t as fortunate as us.

May we become more honest with our feelings and be mature enough to accept the honesty of others.

May we always remember that behind every asshole is a vulnerable human being who needs to be understood


May we all realize that assholery has its limits and sometimes we are those limits.

May we stop being materialistic and instead strive for more meaningful relationships, because being obsessed with things is shallow and sad.

May we all be self-aware.

May we all realize that we don’t need to prove ourselves every time.

May we be ok with the idea that showing feelings is not a sign of weakness but an exercise in sincerity


May we also tone down the drama. Just the right amount will do.

Finally, may we all find love, adventure and successes big and small. May we become hot and sexy. And smart.

Cheers my friends. Love all around.



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