Spotify kind of life

With all that’s happened in the twenty-five years of my life and the afterlives before that, I am sometimes inclined to think that I am a protagonist in a severely underrated television show; something consistent with egotism and mild megalomania.

In a television show, the soundtrack is of utmost importance. I like music a lot, and I consider Spotify one of the most important achievements of the human race. I get to listen to the latest songs, download the latest album, check on a music recommendation by some of my hipster friends, then judge them secretly for being unnecessarily obscure.

Over the course of my love affair with Spotify (if you’re reading this Spotify please give me free premium codes) I’ve made some playlists, one for when I’m feeling excited to take over the world and one when I feel like wallowing in the misery of my existence.

This is the soundtrack of my television-show life when I’m pumped:

And this is the other one, when I’m sad:



Update on the previous post: My final sputum test was negative. Yay.

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