April Fools’

I woke early up on April Fools’ Day, checked my email and found out I didn’t get the scholarship I applied for to finance my postgraduate course in the UK. Last year I found out I got into the University of Bristol where they shot Skins and the wedding scene in Sherlock so I was really excited and hoped I could get funding through a scholarship so I can take photos of myself in campus.

But those dreams are now gone. I was looking for another email with a subject LOLJK YOU ACTUALLY GOT IN HAPPY APRIL FOOLS YOU CUCKING FUNT but the email wasn’t a joke. I didn’t make it. Looks like I won’t be going to Bristol, unless I win in the lottery, find out I’m the long-lost prince of some kleptocratic monarchy, or Ellen DeGeneres’s producers find me and make me beg and cry on tv.

So I tried to be cool about it but later that day the University of Bristol thought it was nice to email me information about campus accommodations. Hey there buddy, here are places you can stay at while you’re studying here but damn you just got rejected by the scholarships secretariat too bad lol. I just decided to listen to The Killers’ Battle Born album and silently emote in my work station. It stung. Before Bristol, I got into the University of Auckland, but that didn’t push through as well because I missed the deadline for the scholarship. I apparently have a new hobby- frustrating myself by getting into university admissions without proper funding.

But yeah I’m more or less okay now. I’m still hopeful though, and with my irrational Kierkegaardian faith in the universe I will still find a way to study abroad.

Here’s a really inspirational video to psych me up.

I hope your problems are less irritating than mine! xx


3 thoughts on “April Fools’

  1. I feel for you. I was waiting the first day of April to see if I made Magna cum Laude. I got an email saying that I was going through an audit to confirm my graduation. Bleh. Not quite the email I was expecting. I guess I don’t have enough credits at this institution to make it. Double bleh.

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