Polar vortex meets class struggle on a train

Last night I went to see Snowpiercer with friends and thankfully it made up for the utter waste of time that was That Awkward Moment (I beg you, don’t watch that sorry excuse of a movie).

Snowpiercer has a pretty interesting plot- global warming prompts the government to cool the earth artificially, but instead of improving the weather they create polar vortex maximus, killing almost all life on the planet. The only survivors are passengers of a globetrotting train with a perpetual-motion engine. They took a ride 18 years ago. They are governed by a certain Wilford who takes care of the divine engine, which maintains the balance in the train-slash-humanity.

There’s a hierarchy in the train- the rich get served nice food, get to party and go to school, while the poor are forced to eat each other and protein bars made of you have to check it out in the film. Those in the ruling class enforce measures to quell resistance from the lower class, because everyone has a ‘preordained position’ that needs to be maintained. Simply put, it looks like Hunger Games but inside a train. Curtis (Chris Evans) decides one day that he can no longer take shit from the rich so he starts a revolt. The film is based on the French graphic novel Le Transperceneige and is directed by a Korean named Joon-ho Bong.

It’s more than two hours, but it doesn’t feel like it given the right amounts of suspense, action and violence. At the start of the movie you may start asking questions like How the fuck is this even possible? but it goes on answering back and assuring you it’s realistic sci-fi. The cast is impressive: Tilda Swinton is both weird and brilliant, Chris Evans has dirty fingernails, Jamie Bell is the funny guy with the accent, Allison Pill is the frighteningly perky teacher, Octavia Spencer is being herself and John Hurt is also being himself.

I’m the type of person who doesn’t care about the film’s message as long as it’s brilliant, but just for the sake of this blog entry it’s a critique of Marx’s class theory and presents a picture of what happens when people revolt. Did I like the film’s ‘message’ in the end? Not so much. Does it matter? No. Is is still good? Yes.

Watch it.

One thought on “Polar vortex meets class struggle on a train

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