Let’s get some culture and attend this year’s Manila International Book Fair

To the delight of people who don’t have a love life, the Manila International Book Fair just returned to the SMX Convention Center in Pasay City for its 34th year.

It was my first time to attend the huge book fair and I was surprised to see a lot of people browsing over rows upon rows of books. Primetrade Asia Inc., the event organizer, said about 85,000 attend the annual week-long exhibit, which I think is a pretty good following. I hope it gets bigger in the coming years, though. The place is so huge, and it’s filled with books catering to almost every interest.

I went straight to the Fully Booked booth to check out their stuff. I was greeted by a bunch of John Green books by the entrance and I contemplated on getting a copy of Looking for Alaska. Then I heard a passerby tell her friend that she didn’t like it. I thought I should just probably borrow a copy from a friend.

I asked a staff where the Sedarises were and the friendly girl asked me if I was looking for that one with the owl on the cover. Yes yes yes. She disappeared and returned with a copy of the latest book which got released last April 23. I asked her where she got it and she directed me to the nonfiction section. When I went there all I saw were books about Jesus and Islam.

I got free bookmarks and an iPad Mini raffle coupon to make me feel better about my purchase.

The entire place was fun. While I was staring at the religion section someone from the other part of the convention center started performing Jesus Take the Wheel. I don’t know why.

I was also surprised to see a lot of Pinoy pocket books on display at the Precious Pages Corp. booth. You go local publishing industry. Then I saw this infamous book:

According to people who actually read this version, ‘You make me crazy’ is translated as ‘Kaloka ka.’

I went back to the Fully Booked area and I saw these little versions of classics.

Fun fact: I haven’t read The Little Prince yet. You may throw all your judgments at the Comments section.

The book fair will be there until September 15, and I strongly suggest you drop by. It opens at 10 a.m. and closes at 8 p.m. Special thanks to Blooey Singson for the invite! 🙂


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