I pretended to be a socially relevant member of the press last month

Last month I got the chance to guest in a government television program about the national budget. I know right. This face? Asking a Cabinet secretary about millennium development goals and education spending? Who would’ve thunk.

Our contact from the government told us we’re going to have an interview with Budget Secretary Butch Abad that day. I initially thought it was just a one-on-one off-cam interview, so I didn’t care about what I was wearing. But when I got to Malacañang Palace, I stepped into a television studio and learned I will be appearing on tv. Nice.

Anyway, this was shown last August 16. I wasn’t able to see it, but apparently there’s a link on YouTube. I start being relevant at 20:02.

Also my name is Jovan not Hoban. 🙂

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