Fifteen alternatives to Forty Days of Dating

Forty Days of Dating, this new Internet blogging sensation, ends today. It’s about two friends, Jessica Walsh and Timothy Goodman, who decided they should date each other for 40 days and document it for the Internet to see because they thought oh wow it’s such a novel concept and we might get a movie offer and people are gonna think how come these people are so cool and I am not?


But seriously they said they dated each other to get rid of their horrible dating selves and to revitalize their dating lives because they’re just too tired of dating. Take that, ugly people who haven’t been to dates yet!

The couple blogged daily about their lives, met a couples therapist, had sex, bought ice cream for each other, acted like Nick and Norah, Jesse and Celeste, Kim and Kanye.

Okay I wasn’t following the blog, but I’ve checked it a few times and read about it.  I really think it’s a cool idea. One time I tweeted my friends just to ask if they had sex already.

And since we’re talking about the Internet where copycats abound, I’m giving you prompts on what to blog about instead of making up your own sorry version of this social experiment:

1. Forty days of dating the person who likes you but you don’t like back

2. Forty days of spontaneously speaking in Swahili

3. Forty days of being gay

4. Forty days of dating a homeless person

5. Forty days of smoking weed

6. Forty days of skipping work

7. Forty days of being socially relevant by joining the peasant movement

8. Forty days of aggressive sex

9. Forty days of not cutting your nails

10. Forty days of being vegan

11. Forty days of talking to God

12. Forty days of talking to Satan

13. Forty days of being a cat

14. Forty days of stalking your ex

15. Forty days of waking up early

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